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Mom took us to the Sun Valley branch of the Los Angeles Public Library every two weeks. I always checked out the maximum number of books and inhaled them all.

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Our Tragic Universe - Scarlett Thomas I got my copy of this book for free from First Reads. But not to worry, Scarlett Thomas, I'm going to be spending money on the rest of your books.

This book is about Everything. Life, love, success. Food, hobbies, writing. Sex, death, age.

It's about fiction. It's about meta-fiction. Which means it's meta-meta-fiction, I guess. It's about the movie The Matrix. It's about the Universe and whether it exists as we think we know it and in what form it exists. It's about being in love and breaking up and having affairs and staying together and moving on. It's about knitting. It's about how ridiculously hard it is to write "seriously." It's about home decorating and building IKEA-style furniture. It's about teaching writing. It's about self-help books. And Aristotle. And urban myths. And friendship. And insurance fraud. And dogs. And beer. And jokes.

It's so compelling and beautifully written and downright fun that I gobbled it in a few long sessions. Read it!